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We are a boutique financial-planning and succession-strategy firm with a long track record of helping owners of successful, privately-held businesses protect their holdings and plan the next stage of their lives. Our clients generally operate in highly complex environments, surrounded on all sides by legal and financial service-providers who offer a staggering amount of advice.  While much of the advice may be useful, its sheer volume can be confusing and oftentimes conflicting. We cut through the clutter and provide our clients with solutions tailored to their priorities.  We help our clients make the best decisions for their businesses, and then to drive the change-process to completion. 


Do I have the tools I need to manage our growth?

As a founder as part of a rich family heritage, you’ve worked hard to grow your business. Our team strives to give you a plan that accounts for growth of both your business and your family. Whether that plan involves consolidation, acquisitions, expansions, or a mix of those and other solutions, putting in place an excellent plan today will save time, money, and stress in the future. 

We have deep experience in unique growth strategies including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Ownership consolidation

  • Active and Inactive family

  • Employee compensation plans

  • Capital grow needs

Will my children follow in my footsteps or create their own path?

Managing ownership decisions, tax implications, trusts, wills, asset protection, business continuity plans, and the myriad of other issues involved in a successful plan spans across your existing team of professionals. In our specific focus of helping you with your succession plan, we coordinate a comprehensive plan that seamless connects all areas. Without an experienced team managing this process, we often see preventable errors and biased solutions baked into plans. We take all of the issues, obligations, conflicts, options, and objectives and manage the complexity so you can focus on your vision for your 
family and business. 

We appreciate the sensitivity and complexity of succession. So, we can help you create plans that are right for you and your family.



How can I be sure I have the right deal?

For some owners, selling can be the right option. 
Our team specializes in taking the complex issues of this major decision and breaking them down so they can be compared against your long term family goals. Some of our clients want the best dollar number deal. Others want the deal that secures the jobs of their employees. Whatever your vision for your sale is or even if you change your mind, 
we help you find the right plan for you.


  • Net Deal vs. Gross Deal

  • Tax Planning Asset

  • Protection After the Sale

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